CygnaLabs DDI(DNS, DHCP, IPAM) Solution

VitalQIP Features

Managed DDI Services

Use our multi-vendor managed DDI services to support your VitalQIP DDI infrastructure and/or moves, adds and changes.

Full IPv4/IPv6 Support

Comprehensive IPv4 and IPv6 address planning, allocation, and assignment with integrated multi-vendor DHCP, DHCPv6, and DNS support.

Bolster Network Security

Add a DDI layer to your network defense in depth strategy with DNS security, IP address integrity, and centralized reporting and forensics.

Effortless automation

VitalQIP’s REST API, SOAP/XML API, and CLIs facilitate third-party integrations for optimized IT automation of DDI functions.

Provides full IP address lifecycle management from providing DHCP leases to clients to updating DNS Servers

High-performance, multi-threaded CygnaLabs DHCP and DNS services

Category QIP 730 QIP 1230 & 1230-RAID QIP 6030 QIP 510
DHCP(Lease/Sec) Leases per second 17,000+ 25,000+ 30,000+ 1,500+
DNS(Query/Sec) Queries per second 170,000+ 400,000+ 700,000+ 50,000+

Flexible Deployment Options

Hardware Appliance
  • QIP510
  • QIP730
  • QIP1230 & RAID
  • QIP6030
S-QIP Appliance
Software Appliance

Customers can install VitalQIP appliance technology on their own IAx64/RHEL compatible hardware

V-QIP Appliance
Virtualized Appliance

Customers can install VitalQIP appliance technology on their virtualization platform of choice with unrestricted resource limits

Software only
Traditional Software Installation

Customers can install VitalQIP as a standalone software package on Windows/Solaris/Linux operating systems

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